It’s not (really) your fault…

These words kept on ringing in my head after me and my technical staff finished our job as the Visual technician for a 4-hours formal farewell party somewhere here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

And the short story goes like this;

After the evening rehearsal for the party, the coordinator asked me whether we can do some alteration to the montage clip. The clip which I made actually were edited and rendered using my pc, that is at my house. I thought the clip was ok at first until they realised some mistakes in my intro titles. After a long talk, I decided to use our own not-so-high-end laptop to re-edit the title. So, the title has been corrected and seems everything going to be just fine.

That evening, this is the time…

It is our queue to play the video…suddenly, there are no background music! The slideshows kept on playing and not a single sound. Panic and so in distress. “My God, I’m really in big trouble now! How can this be happening???” I said to my friend next to me.

Have you tried the volume?“. “Yes…?”

Did you test it before this?“…”Of course! I did it just now, and you know it!…”

All I can think is, all eyes are on me and definitely…after this,I am going to get it!

Suddenly, the sound technician from the hotel played some instrumental song just to cover up the video. This is not good…very not good at all.

After everything has finished, while we were packing our video cables, some of them asked me and my friend about the sound failure. I’ve told them that the laptop itself failed on the last minute. Well, not everybody asked us and some don’t even care.

The real thing that causing the clip muted itself was from the editing, yes I was the editor. My laptop runs in 4GB and when I do editing real time on Premiere CS5, the video shakes and that is why I’ve to disable the audio first. Small thing there my friend. I should have enable it!

I’ve realized that after I’ve checked my last edited clip. Small things can causing you a big trouble if you did not take it seriously.

“It’s not your fault man”…”we have tried it before this but now, lets just let it pass..” said my friend next to me, and just smiling assuming nothing has gone wrong.

(…not (really) my fault) implies to my carelessness.

Sometimes, something that we’ve done a thousand times without a mistake, needs a simple failure to remind us how lucky you are, because we are human. Perfection will kill us if you trying to be one.

Its not your fault… (video clip)..not mine.

But..hey, I’m ok with all this..after all, it’s been almost 10 years I’ve worked here.

I think I should put some picture about my workplace for the next post!

Signing out for now. GTS! (Got To Sleep)

Why am I blogging?

A simple yet another controversial question that is in my head now. For me I will definitely answer, if not now, when?
I know blogging has been awhile since the born of the Internet.  Those days, blogging are similar to write something inside a book, or a notepad. Or more commonly called the online diary. It can be your scheduler or maybe a reference  to any occurrence.  And people those days are not so interested in doing something more fun about it since they implied this tools to an ordinary paper. Yes typing and typing and typing just like typing it using a typewriter.
Well all I need to say is, blogging is fun and if you put it into more efforts, you can make money from it. But there is no easy way because it requires confident, will risk time and Patience.
Yes, patience it is. If you blogging to get fast money and time restraint.  This post are not for yoy. But if you think it is wise to put some effort and time for blogging, we are at the same boat and I am ready to begin. Just hoping that this time I am ready for any obstaclesbthat might ruining my blogging activity.

Signing off for tonight..nite all!